Welcome to all on my new web site :)

Here we are, finally, after few weeks without being online.

Welcome to my friends, the new and old,  welcome on my new homepage (the 4th).

Eleven years now that I share my work and my look on this world.

Since three weeks, I’m back in France after nearly two years around the world. It was a first after 15 years of travel without coming back home. So good to stay away from my native country. In the beginning, I was in South East Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia), then Egypte, then Asia again/Thailand, then French Polynesia again( but first time in Austral Islands/Rurutu), then New Zealand (so awesome !!), then Asia again/Thailand and Laos, then in Costa Rica and in May, I was in Cuba.

Back now for the summer, to visit family and friends. I’m gonna get back on the road in October !

Anyway, next time here, a new gallery about Cuba. Get back soon !

Enjoy, have fun anywhere, anytime with anybody, life’s short, take care of you 🙂


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