One more…

Last day in Egypt,

One more new page turns.

Yesterday I left Dahab after seven intensive life months.

For this last day, I met in Sharm el Sheik one of my oldest dream and spent all the day with him, el maestro, Umberto Pelizzari!!!!

Today, I’m in Cairo and i’m looking forward to being in the plane to the sweet and green Indonesia. Find again my glider. Fly. Or meet the great Mola Mola, the sun fish.

Life is full of surprises.  Up and down. As usual.

Yesterday I was on a little cloud with Pelo, this morning someone stole 550€,  saved work money of recent months, when i was sleeping, under my head, in the night bus for Cairo. A real deb. Maybe my head was too full of great pictures. Grazie Mille!

Aah Egyptian people are great. They never stop to surprise us. Great conjurors!

Anyway, go ahead, without rancor, Yalla ! I keep so many good memories that I can’t keep a bitter taste !

Thank you Egypt ! Thank you to all good and nice people met in Dahab. Wish you the best and send big love.

And soon, more pictures on Egypt.

See you my friends and dive quickly into your dreams, more than ever, life is too short.

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